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Cleanliness in Riyadh is characterized by relying on the use of the latest steam devices thanks to which the contents of the house is cleaned in high quality because it works to break up stubborn stains that are difficult to remove by normal methods.
The company provides a service to get rid of insectsthat exist in the house and eliminate permanently.
The company is keen to provide all its services with high quality and efficiency and low prices when compared to the prices of competitors operating in the field of cleaning.
Fahad Ideal Services is the best cleaning company in Riyadh

The company provides all the services needed by the house and services are represented in the following points:

Marble washing and washing service with the best cleaning company in Riyadh

The company is keen to provide the service of clear marble and tiles as well as ceramics flooring and stairs of the house in addition to washing all the furniture contained in the house of carpets, carpet and curtains, as well as washing sofa, kitchens, boards and walls.

Pesticide spraying service with the ideal Fahud Foundation

The company is keen to use sophisticated devices that help to detect the places where scorpions and lepros are hiding and to combat and eliminate them by spraying deadly pesticides that eliminate them completely and safe for human health in addition to the company is working to get rid of all flying insects such as mosquitoes, mosquitoes and flies, In addition to getting rid of cockroaches, termites and all kinds of insectsthat are a major cause of infection diseases.

Furniture cleaning service with the best furniture cleaning company in Riyadh

Cleaning company in Riyadh clean all types of furniture contained in the house well and properly so as not to lead to scratch or injury to pieces of furniture or injury to any damage and remove all the dirt and dirt that accumulate them and repair the damaged ones.

Steam cleaning and ironing service with the best steam cleaning company in Riyadh

The company relies on cleaning process using steam technology that effectively removes all dirt and dust in addition to working to get rid of harmful microbes and bacteria found in clothes and furniture, and then provide ironing and curtains steam to kill bacteria and to preserve fabrics and colors of curtains And upholstery.

Compact service and arrangement and perfuming house with the best cleaning company in Riyadh

After the completion of the cleaning work, the best cleaning company in Riyadh Fahd ideal compact and arrange all the contents of the house and put all the content in the right place for him in an organized way to add an attractive aesthetic touch, and then the workers perfumed the house with the best types of perfumes that makes the house emits the best refreshing smells And attractive….
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